Dodital Trek

Lying at an elevation of 3010 m, Dodital is an immaculate lake in Garhwal Himalayas encompassed by thick Oak, Pine and Deodar trees, decisively at the north of Uttarkashi and east of Hanuman Chatti. The Dodital lake brings an exuberant environ to the whole Uttarkashi zone where the fishes and particularly the Himalayan Golden Traut are its real fascination alongside the untamed life and the forested zones. These entire interesting environments bring a noteworthy and resting area. This is the reason; colossal visitors are visiting the Dodital zone regularly. In addition, being situated at a fabulous elevation, the region brings an enthralling trekking open door for all including other recreational exercises like sailing, calculating, winged creature viewing, etc.

Encompassed by regular magnificence, the Dodital Lake is commonly hexagonal fit as a fiddle and is possessed by the Golden trout. Local people call the trout as Dodi thus the lake has been named as Dodital. The incredible convictions of Purana named this lake as the holiest one; and the lake is the wellspring of 80 rivulets that converge to shape the Assi Ganga. This is the reason the valley is additionally called the Assi Ganga Valley. Further, the Assi Ganga meets Bhagirathi, the source of River Ganges.

Detailed Dodital Trek Itinerary

Day 1
Report at Dehradun, drive to Sangamchatti (4-5 hours) and trek to Bhebra (2 to 3 hours)
From Dehradun, we drive out to deeper inside the hill state of Uttarakhand to Uttarkashi for the first 5 hours on Day 1. A bumpy detour on rough roads for another 30 minutes brings us to Sangamchatti. We trek from here on for the next 2 days towards Dodital. Our first camping site is Bhebra, a small but neat clearing near a couple of huts that are often used by independent trekkers. Bhebra is an easy 3-4 hour trek from Sangam Chatti and the trail passes through the village of Agora on the way.

Day 2
Trek from Bhebra to Dodital 
(6 to 7 hours)

The first part of the trek today is a rather steep section for 2-3 kms. The trail then follows a moderate ascend thereafter for about 6 kms to get to Manjhi – a village set beautifully amidst a clearing in the forested slopes. An easy hike of about an hour follows from Manjhi to Dodital. A decent trekking pace allows us to get to Dodital by afternoon and gives trekkers plenty of time to explore the Dodital Lake and its surroundings.

Day 3
Trek from Dodital to Bhebra (6 to 7 hours)
A lake-side breakfast and then we start the trek back towards Bhebra. It’s a moderate descent all along and should be a leisurely hike back through the forests. passing through Manjhi down to our camping tents at Bhebra. Time to relax again beside the mellow stream near our campsite and enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Day 4
Trek from Bhebra to Sangam Chatti (2 to 3 hours) and drive back to Dehradun via Uttarkashi (5 hours)
We retrace the familiar route we had trekked on Day 1, from Bhebra to Sangam Chatti via Agora. Vehicles stand by to receive the trekkers heading back from Dodital and we continue our return journey by driving from Sangam Chatti to Dehradun. Once at Dehradun, trekkers can head out to their home destinations by evening of Day 4.